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    Communication + Conflict Resolution + Creative Leverage

    Customized consultation aligned with your organization's culture, values and mission, to promote resiliency, equity, social awareness, and strategic, collective action among all stakeholders.

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    TRE™ + Qigong + Tune UP!™

    Release tension and trauma, tune the nervous system, and restore physical energy and emotional resilience through science-based somatic practices.

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    Music + Community + Empathy Building

    Journey to a more resonant life through the science of sound, the emotional range of music, and the power of empathic attunement.

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    Polyvagal Theory + Interpersonal Neurobiology in Action

    Build sound community through an engaging blend of creative action methods and cutting-edge neuroscience principles.

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    Fiercely Kind™

    Develop awareness of the social structures that impact communities from the inside out, through honest, embodied, personal, cultural, and historical reckoning. This course is designed specifically for white-bodied womxn ready to "do their own work."

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    Anna Schaum, LPC, TEP (she/her)

    Founder and Ecosocial Strategist

    Anna is a violist, licensed therapist, group facilitator, executive coach, and human systems organizational consultant. 

    She assists leaders and their teams through a trauma-informed, intercultural, and eco-social systems lens on change,

    practicing "power with" versus "power over".

    Demonstrating actionable skills and practices that, when woven into ongoing strategy, align and leverage individual and group energy, Anna supports gathering opposition into committed direction, tension into creative collaboration, confusion into realizable opportunity,

    and isolation into communities of care.



    COVID-19 and #BLM: Contact Anna at the email below to request a 30-minute pro bono Zoom consult for your organization


  • Past Community Events

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    Women's Panel Discussion

    Fear No Music September 2019 "Hearings" Concert

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    Oregon ARTSWATCH Article

    Metabolizing Trauma

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    Pacific NW Theater for Change Conference

    In partnership with the Pacific NW

    Drama Therapy Group and NADTA-Western Region

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    The Sound of the Genuine

    Sound Connections

    November 2, 2018, 6 - 8 pm

    Remembering All Souls

    Sound Connections

    Intercultural Conversation & House Concert

    with Nazli Rahmanian, Pansy Chang, and Bryan Johanson

    Design Week Portland

    Workshop: "Designed to Belong: Creating Empathy & Trust as Our City Grows"

    Sound Connections Workshop

    Restorative Training Event for Therapists

    Savvy Arts Venture Challenge

    Business Skills for Artists - University of South Carolina

    2015 & 2016 "Team Doctor"

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